Size: 22x35cm

Density: 95 kg/m3
Fabric: 80% Polyamyde 20% Elastan
Thicknesses: 2 to 10 mm

Timed trials and especially track races require specific support that is completely different from traditional cycling segments. The forward position together with the brief duration and extensive pressure level has led to the development of a lightweight pad offering greater protection in the perineal area. 

Hip rests are reduced to a minimum, just enough to add body to the pad and provide support during recovery time. A greater level of support is expanded to the front of the pad, where it is most needed. 

Lastly, to complete the pad, gel inserts are injected directly into the foam to achieve maximum shock and vibration absorption. The gel inserts will make cycling more comfortable with added efficiency. 

This Doc 124 is unisex and fit for both men and women. 

Long distance

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