DOC75 evo



Size: 22x32cm

Density: 120 kg/m3
Fabric: 87% Polyester 13% Elastan
Thicknesses: 2 to 15 mm

The Doc 75 EVO was introduced to the Dr Pad collection thanks to the positive results received from the Doc 75. This innovative cycling pad was designed to give the best support in all the cycling segments, from road to MTB/Gravel, even in long and strenuous rides.

The wide support areas and the foam density (120 kg/mc) assure a comfortable fit made especially for women. Three-dimensional wing shapes improves the fit of your bibs and shorts during wear; while hygiene and protection are enhanced by the ultra dry treatment.

Thanks to the Cutting Technology, the foam thickness is gradual, avoiding the need to combine foams with different densities, the finished result is supreme comfort and elasticity.

Long distance

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