We never stop innovating our products technologically.
Our experience in the sector can be perceived in all the technologies that we have been able to perfect and implement in our products over the years. The Dual Press company, from which Dr Pad was born, is in fact able to build any type of machinery for the specific processing required. Not only design, our assistance focuses on technical design, to offer you a total service in the realisation of your projects.


We have become experts in the design of bottoms thanks to the experience we have gained over the years from countless studio tests and feedback on the road, off-road and track. Our customers can choose the reliability of our catalogue products, or rely on us to develop customised designs, from idea to finished product.


Revolutionary technology designed exclusively for total comfort products. This technology replaces multilayers by favouring absolute breathability of the pad, making it lighter, elastic, seamless, more comfortable and with less friction thanks to the elimination of superfluous parts.

We never stop innovating our products technologically, also through carefully chosen materials.


Density, bearing capacity
and resilience


Breathability, comfort
and performance

Poron plus

Lightweight, soft
and comfortable

Gel Injection

Shock absorption
and comfort

Antistatic Carbon

Antistatic, breathable
and moisture evaporation


We know that there are several variables at play: the saddle, which differs according to the type of cycling discipline, the insertion of the pad, and the physical structure of the athlete, and each time we study the most suitable product.